Welcome to Soooz’s Fire in The Soul Podcast blog.


So...what on earth is Soooz up to this time?

I have been doing a great deal of thinking about how we keep pace with the changing world around us. How do we keep readers reading? How do we excite folks that have become desensitized to the written word? The closure of book stores, the demise of Encyclopedia Britannica have left many of us dazed and shell-shocked.

The 21st century has arrived; and in its sophisticated wake lay a blaze of  dead businesses.

It is no longer possible to ignore what is slamming us in the face as authors, keep up or bow out. NO…we will not go quietly into the dark goodnight my friends. We can and must, evolve, learn, participate and enjoy the challenges the new century is throwing at us.

The “Fire in The Soul” is our hunger to write. The devil that drives us to sleep little in order to gift the world with a legacy of story telling that can and will survive the age of Internet.

However I believe that as much as I may love the feel of a book in my hands, the feel of the paper, the recognition that someone sweated blood over the words contained therein…I must…WE must be prepared to move with the tide and the times. Our words must be heard…and heard in every format we have available to us.

So..rather than merely sigh and shake my head I have decided to take a step up…lets all journey on that spiral staircase and ensure that our words, our passion and our fire are heard.

I’m a brand new baby and I’m learning to stand on shaky legs. I am going to produce a PODCAST every month…Are you going to join me? I hope so.

The first month of the Podcast is already filled. I have four wonderful authors who are willing to take that initial step with me. April 2012 will launch the first of what I hope will be many Podcasts to come.

I hear many asking…what the hell is a Podcast?

A podcast is a compilation of Authors reading excerpts from their work, be it a novel or poetry. A podcast is the sound of the author reading their own “fire” It can have many guises…I have decided to utilize the senses in two different ways…I will include visual stimulation of the Authors choosing to accompany their readings (Or if they don’t wish to include artwork} I will simply use their  book cover.

I will include audio and visual links to where their work may be purchased.

I will (depending on feedback from you) select a genre each month to be the “STAR” of the podcast.

How do you JOIN in?

Most of you will have access to a movie maker of sorts on your PC or laptop. Go into that programme and follow the links. Windows has Windows movie Maker. Narrate the Timeline…reading for around 8 minutes.

Send me the file as a Mp3 …include the cover and the link where your work can be purchased in the email you send the download to me in. Viola…done.

It took me a few shots to get it right as a participant in R.B Woods wonderful Word Count Podcasts. He has been on the cutting edge of this phenomenon for quite some time. I only hope that I can be as professional in the presentation as Richard has been.

So…have a think about it…. YOU can do it. Play with it, experiment, have some fun, when you hear your own voice reading your work it’s a great feeling. Share your FIRE folks.

Let me know what you think. I have not yet chosen any genre for the MAY podcast. I will be doing that  after I hear from you. I may even do the podcasts in a mixed genre format…depending on what YOU want.

Comment here, or email me at suzieb4burke@hotmail.com and please write Podcast in the subject line.

Let us grow together…It’s a big new frontier folks…are you ready to step up?